Dreaming of Planting

We’ve bought our seeds and finished our preliminary garden plans.  I’ve mapped out the gardens, in my mind, and I imagine them all prolific and weed-free.

But as I type this the ground is frozen solid and covered in ice and snow.  We won’t be planting any gardens anytime soon.  Now is the time for dreaming of them.

We try to source as many of our seeds from local sources as possible.  But this year we’ve ordered lots of seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and from Johnny’s.  We’re trying lots of new varieties and moving to mostly organic seeds.

We’ll also be doing more of our own starts this year and trying to avoid purchasing transplants. 

The response to the CSA has been excellent.   We have several new folks signed up and we’re excited to become (hopefully) a part of improving the quality of their lives.

It’s going to be a great year.

Love Wins