Hope For Haiti

It’s been a while since I mentioned our heroes in Haiti.  For a while they were regularly featured on this blog and I feel I should return to them on ocassion.

Though the expression is probably overused, our first visit to Haiti was life-changing.  In the years that have followed we have stayed connected, even if not as dramatically as we once thought we would (i.e. we didn’t move to Haiti).

Cherie is now on staff at Danita’s Children, as a volunteer, where she handles and coordinates all mission trips.  It was at Danita’s, in Ouanaminthe, that we met the amazing women there who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and caring for Haitian orphans.  I’ve blogged frequently about the great work being done by them and for anybody looking for a good way to help Haiti and Haitian children, I highly recommend Danita’s.

While visiting Danita’s the first time we were also greatly privileged to be able to meet Pastor Daniel Paul, his wife Clynnie and a young American nurse named Emily who has become a friend as well as one of our most admired heroes.  Pastor Daniel is Hatian, a university-trained agronomist who also has a degree from an American seminary.  He and his wife operate La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat” (MADO) or “The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage” in Ouanaminthe. In addition to their regular educations the orphans there are being taught valuable agricultural skills.  They raise most of the food they eat and sell their surplus.  Pastor Daniel is a great inspiration and if more Haitians followed his lead Haiti would soon be a net food-exporter (as it was until a couple of decades ago) rather than a nation dependent upon foreign food aid.  And the children of Haiti would develop the skills and character to build a strong independent nation.  Sponsoring a child at MADO is a good inexpensive way to help make the world a better place.

We are greatly inspired by the missionaries at Danita’s and Pastor Daniel’s.  It has been a tremendous blessing to get to know them and to ocassionally have a chance to be a very small part of their great work.  One of the highlights of our life here was when Danita and Brenda Sapp visited our farm.  Later were blessed to have Jen Wride visit.  Jen is now working on agricultural projects with Pastor Daniel.  We hope that someday we’ll be fortunate enough to have Emily and Pastor Daniel visit, and if not we look forward to seeing them again in Haiti.

Haiti is a desperately needy place.  But with great folks like these dedicating their lives to changing that, there is promise as well.

Love Wins

2 comments on “Hope For Haiti

  1. shoreacres says:

    I didn’t realize I’d heard of this group until I went over to the site. I think this must be the woman I heard Dave Ramsey interviewing on his program one day. As I recall, his daughter had heard about her program, and one thing led to another.

    I began learning about Haiti decades ago, when a congregation I was associated with had a Haitian janitor. After the earthquake, my cousin (a mechanical engineer) was part of a team that went over to spend some time evaluating things and beginning to draw up specs for rebuilding homes that would be more stable.

    Haiti’s one of those countries that seems to keep “disappearing”. A crisis comes along, the world pays attention, and then they don’t. It’s nice to be reminded of the on-going, day to day work that’s taking place.


    • Bill says:

      So true. It was so encouraging to see all the attention Haiti got after the earthquake, but we knew it wouldn’t last. It’s terribly difficult to get anything good accomplished in Haiti, which is why those who somehow manage to do it are heroes.


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