A Snowy Day

A blanket of snow marked the end to three days of continuous rain.  We needed rain, but not the more than six inches we got.  The snowy finish was a relief.


Just before it started raining we had two days of record highs, in the 70s.  So we went from record highs, to a multi-day deluge, to a snowstorm. 

A day after the snow it was warm again, and the melted snow joined the mush and mud.

But it was pretty while it lasted.






Love Wins

4 comments on “A Snowy Day

  1. Lynda says:

    We have had very similar weather down here too. Although we didn’t get the lovely snowy finish that you did. Lovely photos!


  2. shoreacres says:

    Six inches of rain!? Yes, it’s a lot – but what a blessing. Water conservation signs are up in our communities already, and Kansas and Oklahoma are in danger of real drought long before summer.

    The snow is wonderful. Every year we hope, but this year’s chances are just about gone. I had to laugh at that single kid who seems to be smiling.


    • Bill says:

      We’ve been in drought condition too. It’s the only winter drought I can ever remember. The rain was wonderful for soaking the ground but at some point the ground just can’t take any more and then it creates erosion and flooding. This was a little more than we could handle but all is well now and, as you say, it was a blessing.

      On water shortages, we recently watched “Last Call at the Oasis,” a documentary that addresses some of the problems we’re facing, which are evidently about to get much worse. Recommended.


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