As to the question of whether we are warranted in appealing to God-talk in repudiating sexism, racism, the abuse of the environment, and, indeed, any ethical agenda whatsover, unless we can say truthfully that we have grounds to affirm that God is actively concerned with the forms of alienation, oppression, and exploitation characteristic of our contemporary world, and that God, moreover, seeks to reconcile and deliver humanity from these, then God-talk has nothing to offer our engagment with any of these issues and becomes entirely irrelevant and inappropriate in discussing them. In start contrast, however, to affirm the homoousion is not only to claim permission to make theological statements on these fronts, it is to recognize that we are required (apodictically commanded!) to oppose all forms of oppression, marginalization, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, and the exploitation of creation. In the one in whom there is neither Jew nor Gentile, black nor white, male nor female we have nothing less than the one for whom and through all things were created, the one who seeks to reconcile them. We have light from light, the very being and presence of God.

Alan Torrance

Love Wins