Coles Hill is a beautiful place.  The original 18th century homeplace is still standing, surrounded by rolling pastures.  But those pastures are dotted not only with a few cows and rolls of hay, but also with hideous little green signs that declare “I Dig Uranium,” or (most offensively) “Stop Whining and Start Mining.”

The Coles family has owned this place for over 200 years.  The current owner is Walter Coles, who is 77 years old and a retired foreign service officer.

Why would he want to see such a beautiful place ripped open and turned into a uranium mine?  Why would he want to have millions of pounds of potentially deadly radioactive waste buried beneath his farm?  Why would he subject his neighbors to the risk of radioactive contamination?  Why would he ruin the agricultural future of our community?

Many folks would say there is an easy answer to those questions:  the uranium under his farm is valued at over $7 billion.  But it seems obvious to me that he doesn’t need the money.  And surely there are some things which ought not be for sale–at any price.

Whether Mr. Coles will accomplish his goal of turning his farm into a uranium mill remains to be seen.  For now, the decisison will be made in Richmond, and we are not constitutents of those who will decide our fate.  Many of them have been fattened with the political contributions of the shadowy Canadian enterprise which is funding this project.  They’ve enjoyed all-expense paid trips to Paris, courtesy of those who would rape our land.  Them, I understand. 

But Mr. Coles; him I cannot understand.


Love Wins