Trailer Envy

We’ve been pretty good at editing unnecessary and wasteful things out of our lives.  That really is an essential first step toward sustainable living and I’m pleased with our progress.  But that doesn’t mean I never find myself wanting something and falling into the familiar trap of rationalizing why I need it.

Lately I’ve been suffering from trailer envy.  It seems that everyone has one (or more) of them.  Everyone except me.

How have I managed to survive this long without a stock trailer?  A utility trailer?  A hay trailer?  A trailer to convert to a chicken tractor?  How can we function without a fleet of trailers?

Of course we’ll need another equipment shed to store the trailers in.  It wouldn’t be prudent to get the trailers then leave them out in the weather.

It might be a good idea to get a goose neck trailer.  So I’ll need to install a goose neck hitch in my truck.  But that would prevent me from using the bed for other things, so maybe I should get a second truck.

If I don’t get the trailers I’ll have to continue hauling hay in the bed of my truck on the one day each year that I bale hay.  And on the one day each year when I haul hogs I’ll have to continue borrowing my neighbor’s trailer.  Once every few years I might need to take my lawnmower to the shop.  Without my own trailer, when that happens I’ll have to continue borrowing my mother’s trailer.

It seems fairly obvious to me that our own personal trailers are just indispensible necessities around here.  And sometimes I can find one for not much more than a thousand dollars.  Of course I need more than one, but a few thousand dollars seems a reasonable price to pay to overcome the stigma of being the last trailerless farm in America.


Love Wins


5 comments on “Trailer Envy

  1. shoreacres says:

    Can you hear me laughing? I just went through another flirtation with Gadget Envy. The thinking goes like this:

    If I had a smart phone, I could take pictures. (Why, yes. I do have a camera. But…)

    If I had a smart phone, I wouldn’t have to wait until I came home to read emails. (I shouldn’t be doing that while I work, anyway.)

    I’d have a backup in case my beloved desktop fails again. (I do have a laptop, more or less synched with the Big Computer.)

    I could text or keep up with Facebook more easily. (I don’t text and I’m not on Facebook.)


    The old battle between wants and needs is pretty interesting. The proverb has it, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I say today’s marketers have changed us so radically we believe, “Invention is the mother of necessity.” 😉


    • Bill says:

      I get that, because my phone is starting to malfunction. It’s a fancy rig that made sense back in my lawyering days. I’ve been rehearsing in my head all the arguments in favor of getting another one if this one bites the dust.


  2. Bob Braxton says:

    I do empathize


  3. Bob Braxton says:

    residence telephone or mobile?


  4. avwalters says:

    I cannot complain. Rick says if I find a good deal–a trailer will happen. Otherwise, we’ll wait and he’ll use the scrap from the house building to make a trailer. I’m patient.


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