White Flint Pork


We have pork now.   It is from our pasture-raised chemical-free pigs.  It is our healthy, delicious, locally-produced alternative to industrial pork.

Consumer Reports recently announced the results of an indepth study of commercially available pork.  Testing dozens of brand names and multiple locations, the researchers found that 69 percent of the pork tested was contaminated with bacteria, almost of all of it resistant to antibiotics.  The report concludes, “The frequent use of low-dose antibiotics in pork farming may be accelerating the growth of drug-resistant ‘superbugs’ that threaten human health.”   I’ve been saying that on this blog for a long time now.

Further, 20 percent of the pork tested was laced with ractopomine, a growth hormone banned in 160 countries but legal in the U.S.  Read more about the report HERE.

Human beings were simply not meant to eat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pig growth hormones.

Our pigs lived on open pasture, which is a very rare thing these days even on organic farms.  They were never given any growth hormones or antibiotics.




Our pork is delicious, naturally produced and safe to eat—a very rare combination these days.  Our animals were raised naturally and humanely.

We’re happy to be able to make quality pork available in our community.  Hopefully it will remind folks of what the pork tasted like at their grandparents’ house, back when people raised animals the way they ought to be raised.

Love Wins