I looked at a jar of honey in the grocery store to see where it was from.  This is the label.

Seriously?  They can’t even narrow it down to single continent?

Of course it’s possible that this all came from a single giant vat containing so-called “honey” from around the world.  Keep in mind that honey produced by bees being fed a diet of high fructose corn syrup, which is how industrial honey is produced, really ought not even be considered honey.

Unpasteurized honey made by bees feeding on a diet of pollen and nectar from blooms and wildflowers has great health benefits.  Among other things it is a natural way to fight seasonal allergies.  But to achieve that benefit the honey must be local.

Honey is a superfood.  It may be nature’s perfect food.

Real honey, that is.

I highly recommend that folks find a local source of naturally produced honey.  Don’t bother with the stuff on the supermarket shelves.

Love Wins


6 comments on “Unreal

  1. shoreacres says:

    Honest to goodness. I’ve known for years that local honey was good for allergies, etc. But I always assumed that local honey = local bees and local flowers, while “foreign” honey meant other bees and other flowers.

    What in the world – bees eating high fructose corn syrup? That’s just wrong. Sigh. There’s no honey in the cupboard just now, so I can’t check the jar, but you’d better believe I’m going to be more cautious from now on.


    • Bill says:

      HFCS is regularly fed to bees. It is a cheap alternative to sugar-water (which is also unnatural). In fact, studies published this year have linked Colony Collapse Disorder (which is decimating the honeybee population) to residual insecticide in the HFCS being fed to the bees. China is now the primary supplier of US honey and it is one of the worst offenders.


  2. Bob Braxton says:

    My father (1916 – 1988) kept bees. You are right I know.


  3. I have for many years been buying local honey right from the beekeeper. While in SF, my favorite was high mountain wildflower. Now it’s just wild flower, and comes from a keeper about an hour from my house. Nothing better than knowing you have the real deal.


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