Stuff that really matters

I was pleased to see the news this week that Asbury Seminary has received a grant dedicated to creating community gardens and teaching and promoting creation care.  I’ve seen similar steps and programs going into place at churches, divinity schools at seminaries all over the country.

Among other things the announcement said:

Slated to begin in spring 2013, the raised bed community garden will feature 10-15 large common plots surrounded by 25 smaller individual plots that will be tended by members of the seminary community, including students, faculty and staff.
Through the community garden, the Office of Global Community Formation and the Creation Care Community will teach gardening, composting, recycling, and bee handling as practical ways to steward God’s creation. Additionally, the community garden will serve as a living laboratory to teach spiritual principles of personal devotion, discipleship and multicultural community building.

Now that warms my heart.

Love Wins