Beavers Again

Beavers are in our pond again.  (Insert growling sound here).

I went down the pond to do a little fishing a couple of days ago and discovered that the exit pipe had been blocked and that the pond was out of the banks.

These creatures are very aggravating.  Their instincts tell them to stop any water flow.  In our case they don’t need to block the exit pipe in order to dam the creek.  It’s already dammed.  The pipe just prevents the pond from overflowing the dam.  There is a huge pond already built that they can build their lodge in.  But evidently they just can’t resist the sound of running water.

So I had to get in a little boat, paddle out to the pipe and (using a pitchfork) try to unblock the pipe.  They’ve build a huge pile of sticks, logs and mud almost 10 feet high and about 6 feet wide.  I got the water flowing again, but it takes them very little time to stop it up again.

Not only do they threaten to break the dam, but they’re mowing down the young pines we’re growing.  They drag them into the pond to use as building materials.


Yesterday a neighbor who enjoys trapping came over and set traps for them.  As soon as I finish my coffee I’ll head down to the pond and see the results.

Ah, the simple life.

Love Wins