Back when I was living in the corporate world I very rarely ate breakfast.  Instead I’d have a cup of coffee at home while getting ready for work, then I’d hurry to the office and get to work.  The caffiene from all the coffee I drank there, along with the adrenalin and constant sense of urgency, kept me from feeling hungry till lunch.  I always took a lunch break and had a big lunch.  Some of my colleagues didn’t.  One friend, a particularly excellent and productive lawyer, once told me (deadly serious) that he didn’t eat lunch because “lunch is a waste of time.”

That sounded silly to me then, just as it would’ve sounded silly to most folks if I told them that I considered eating breakfast to be a waste of time.  But I did feel that way.

Now I eat a good healthy breakfast every day.  After all the animals are fed and tended and some basic morning chores are done, I always sit down for breakfast–usually some combination of eggs and potatoes, cooked with vegetables from the farm.  That’s as it should be.

When I was a boy working on my grandfather’s farm we always had a big country breakfast.  In the summer the days started very early, long before sunrise (usually about 4 a.m.).  After milking the cows, we’d bring up the tractors (in the early days we’d harness and bring up the horses) and get them ready to go.  By the time we sat down for breakfast we’d already  been working a while, with a long day ahead of us.  In my mind I can still see the big kitchen table covered with dishes of eggs, sausage, country ham, bacon, fatback, biscuits, gravy, fried potatoes, fried apples, apple butter, jellies and big jars of sweet milk and butter milk.  There would also be a dish of homemade butter.

There were lots of folks sitting around that table at my grandfather’s house in the mornings.

These days it’s just me and Cherie and we usually have our breakfast at different times.  But I’m so glad the days of chugging down a cup of coffee and dashing off to the office are behind me.

I’ll stop now.   Eggs scrambled with fresh basil and onions, grits and biscuits are waiting for me.

Love Wins