I really dislike doing “paperwork.”  I spent decades making a living by largely shuffling papers around. That’s not what I want to do these days.

But walking away from the office life didn’t mean an end to paperwork.  Even though we strive to have a minimum of such things, there are still bills to be paid, checks to be written, forms to be filled out and all manners of red tape to navigate.  When doing the necessary paperwork, I often feel like a kid in some Rockwell painting, gazing out the schoolroom window instead of looking at his textbook.  (Did Rockwell paint a scene like that?  If not, he should have.)

So as I sit here, stalling on finishing some paperwork, I’m looking out the window and mentally sorting out the things I’ll do out there when I’m done.  But in this case being inside for paperwork duty does bring with it a very nice benefit.  I get to enjoy the smell of the granola Cherie is making.

Love Wins