It’s hard for me to believe it’s December already.   This year has been an eventful one, and it has raced by.

I took the pigs to the processor yesterday.  We enjoyed our time with them.  They had happy healthy piggish lives and now they’ll  make their contribution to our sustainability.

I couldn’t rotate the goats into the pasture the pigs lived in until they were gone (primarily because the twinkle that came into Joey’s eyes every time he looked at the pigs worried me).   I opened the gate once I had the pigs loaded and the goats have been feasting on the grass and browse stockpiled there.  The kids discovered the mud wallow and couldn’t resist playing in it.  So now we have a bunch of muddy kids, which is a first for us.

Yesterday I received the shepherd’s crook I’d ordered.  It will be a big help to me in catching the goats that are shy.  I’m calling it my Christmas present.

The weather has been unseasonably warm, though maybe that’s no longer true.  It seems that it’s always unseasonably warm these days.  Yesterday we hit 74, a record high.  Our broccoli is starting to bolt (in December!).  In any event, the gardens are still producing and we continue to eat fresh gardens veggies every day.  In fact, I think I’ll close now and go pick myself some collard greens and spinach.

It’s a wonderful time of the year.

Love Wins