We’re Official

Our association of local chemical-free farms in now officially up and running.  We’re planning a field day/open house in the spring.  Getting our community to embrace local chemical-free agriculture will be a challenge, but I think we’re off to a reasonably good start.  Here’s the text of our “press release.”


November 15, 2012

Six Danville/Chatham area farms have announced the formation of Chemical-Free Farms of Southern Virginia, an association of local farms dedicated to the all-natural and chemical-free production of food for the local community.

The founding members of the association are Chandler’s Gardens of Scottsburg, Herndon Family Farm of Dry Fork, Our Father’s Farm of Gretna, Piedmont Farming Company of Danville, Strawberry Creek Farm of Chatham and White Flint Farm of Keeling.  The association’s goal is to promote all-natural, locally grown and raised, chemical-free food, by increasing public awareness of the availability and advantages of such food.  Representatives of the association are available to speak to the media and to local organizations about the benefits of locally-produced all-natural food.

Chandler’s Gardens is owned by Mark & Lona Chandler. On their farm, which is Certified Naturally Grown, they grow produce, plants, flowers, mushrooms and pond-raised catfish.

Herndon Family Farm offers broilers, free-range eggs and grass-fed lamb.  “We are passionate about small, sustainable, family farms. Our goal is to produce products that are more nutritious AND delicious than conventional, modern ag-business products,” say owners Barry and Lisa Herndon.

Our Father’s Farm provides pasture raised beef, poultry, and eggs, as well as raw-milk through herd-shares, all-natural fresh-baked goods, and seasonal produce.  Owner Jack Furhmann commented, “We are very excited to be a part of this ground-breaking association that will benefit all the citizens of the county and beyond.  With the many dangers in our conventional food system, we must join together as local communities to raise healthy food that can be made available to all.”

Piedmont Farming Company is owned by Mark Osborne.  “Having worked in conventional agriculture, I am now glad to be growing organic vegetables, strawberries, blueberries and grains. Being able to sell these foods locally presents challenges and opportunities,” he said.

Strawberry Creek Farm is certified “naturally grown” and offers produce, herbs, greens and strawberries, as well as the plant food Worm Tea.  Owner Warren Landis commented, “Our group will have a pool of speakers available to local schools, groups and organizations to speak about the health and nutritional benefits of chemical-free meat and produce.”

White Flint Farm, owned by Bill and Cherie Guerrant, offers all-natural chemical-free produce as well as goats, pasture-raised pork and eggs from their free range hens.  “We are excited to be a part of this association and about helping bring locally-grown all-natural food to our community,” said Bill Guerrant.

Chemical-Free Farms of Southern Virginia can be reached at chemfreefarms@gmail.com.

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