Nellie has been with us for five years.  She was one of the our first goats.  A friend gave her to us when she was a kid, telling us she hadn’t been bred.  He was wrong about that.  She kidded unexpectedly in February 2008, with twins.  We had 3 goats at the time.  Now we have over 70.

Nellie just kidded again.  It was her seventh time kidding.  She now has two cute bucklings trailing around behind her.

Nellie was terrified of us when she came here.  It took a long time before she warmed up to us.  Now she is one of our tamest, friendliest goats.

I don’t know how many more times she’ll kid.  We’ve already retired Maggie, the goat who arrived with her.   We’ve already retired Juliette, who was Nellie’s first kid, and now we have to retire Sara, who was born the second time Nellie kidded in 2008.  Nellie has certainly done her motherly duties and we’ll retire her just as soon as she seems to be past that stage of life.  But for now she’s healthy and happy.  She’s Johnny’s favorite.  I’m hoping she’ll give us plenty more kids.

Love Wins