Visiting Mama

As I type this I just got back from visiting my Mama.  I took her some broccoli and sat and talked with her a while.  It’s no big deal.  She just lives about a half mile from me.

But I don’t do that nearly often enough.

This morning I was looking at my “to do” list.  It has 92 items on it.  One of them is “visit Mama.”

I thought some about that.  Visiting your Mama is just one of 92 “action items” on the farm?  Shouldn’t that one be in a category by itself?

It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in the stuff that needs doing around here and find that my priorities are getting messed up.  Fortunately that happens a lot less than it did when I lived the industrial life and work was my only priority.  These days I see my mother frequently and I’m pleased to know that almost everything I do is something that not only needs doing, but is something that should produce goodness in some form.

Still, even here, there are things that are important and there are things that are real important.

I need to make sure I don’t let the real important things become less important than they really are.

Love Wins