Temporary Beauty

We have so many things for which to be thankful and I’m thankful for them all.

This time of year I often find myself feeling thankful for natural beauty.

I’m never satisfied with my attempts to capture in photographs the intense beauty of this time of year.  Nevertheless, here are some shots that might at least hint at how glorious it is here these days.

A couple of mornings ago, at dawn, the rising sun had painted the trees an amazing glowing shade of orange.  It was truly beautiful.  Sometimes moments like that are fleeting–the colors change quickly as the sun brightens or fades.  I hurriedly grabbed my camera and snapped off some shots.  But the photos just didn’t capture it.  One the one hand, that is a pity.  I’m unable to preserve and share the intense beauty of that morning.  On the other hand, it is in some ways reassuring to know that there is natural beauty that can only be appreciated in the moment of its happening.

Love Wins