Low Tech

Our local paper ran a nice story about the farm recently.

Some friends from outside the area asked me to post it on facebook so they could read it.  One helpfully suggested using a smart phone app to scan the story and turn it into a pdf file, then posting that to facebook.  Sounded simple enough, but I failed repeatedly in my efforts.  I’m just not technologically saavy.

So eventually I just told my friend I would do it the “low tech” way.

After it was done I thought about what “low tech” meant in this case.  First I took photos of the pages using the digital camera built into my phone/computer/hand-held device.  Then, using a USB port and cable I transferred the digital images onto the hard-drive of my laptop computer.  After that I “uploaded” the photos to facebook–meaning in this case I somehow (using a wireless router in our home) sent them off into internet-world, to have them reappear on an interactive social media website, available for viewing by most of the people on the planet.  I’m sure I overlooked lots of other things that went into making that happen.  That’s what “low tech” has come to mean these days–things that would have been implausible science fiction just a few years ago.

Amazing.  Anyway, hope y’all enjoy the article, which had its humble beginning in print in a small town local newspaper.

Love Wins