Almost every evening we’re blessed with a beautiful sunset.  I have to keep reminding myself not to take them for granted.

During most of the years I was trapped in an office in Florida my office faced west, toward Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  My office was on the 37th floor, so I had spectacular nightly views of the sunset–even though by that time I should have been home with my family.  In those days too I had to remind myself to appreciate those natural pageants.

Oddly, I think I appreciated the Florida sunsets more.  Not because they were prettier; our Virginia sunsets are just as amazing.  I think I appreciated them more because natural beauty was more of a rare thing in the office.  It was like an interruption of the industrial day.

Sunsets here are beautiful and soothing to the soul.  But they’re just one part of an endless cycle of natural beauty.  In Florida they signalled that it would soon be time to go home.  They were like the factory whistle.  Here they’re part of being home.  When the colors of the sunset fade out, they’re replaced usually by a shining moon, a blanket of stars, or both.  Sunsets are not beautiful moments in otherwise ugly days.  They’re part of the continuum of beauty that is life here.

I’ve given up trying to take good pictures of sunsets.  I’m sure pros and experts could do it.  But my attempts are always disappointing.  The photos just don’t capture the spectacular reality.

With that disclaimer, the picture at the top of this post is a taste of what our sunsets are like.

Love Wins