My Dream

This week we’re making the final CSA deliveries of the year.  It was our first year with the CSA and I went into it worried that we might disappoint members, not be able to keep production going or otherwise fail to make it work.

So it’s a good, satisfying feeling to know that we managed 34 uninterrupted weeks of deliveries, generating nothing but positive feedback from our members.

We made our share of rookie mistakes, but we chalk them up as lessons on how to do it better next year.  And we’re excited that there will be a next year for the CSA.

Last weeks share

I dream of a rejuvenated rural America, dotted with small diversified family farms that provide families across the land with a steady supply of locally grown, nutritious and delicious food, free from chemicals and poisons.  In my dream small farmers are on the front lines of the battle against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and the other infirmities produced by processed industrial food.  In my dream local economies increasingly replace global economies, providing meaningful fulfilling employment to all who want it.  In my dream people are increasingly freed from the grip of the pharmaceutical industry.  In my dream the cruelty of factory farms is a thing of the past, as are fast food restaurants.

In my dream more and more people will grow their own food.  Those who don’t will get their food from farmers they know personally.  They’ll trust their food source because they know and trust their farmers.

In that dream there will be hundreds of thousands of CSAs all over the country.

It’s a dream worth dreaming.

May it be so.

And if it comes to pass, it will be satisfying to know that we and our members were among the first to start making that dream become reality.

Love Wins