Johnny’s Trial

Johnny (thinking): “Oh no, the swine approaches. I am a dignified and noble creature. I shall remain impassive among these lesser beings.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny, whatcha doing? Huh Johnny? Whatcha doing Johnny?”
Johnny (silently): “I shall ignore this beast until it leaves.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny, does this tickle? Huh, Johnny? Does it tickle?”
Johnny (silently): “I must remain calm–find my happy place.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny, whatcha looking at? Huh Johnny? Huh?”
Johnny (silently): “What have I done to deserve this? I must pretend the swine is not there. Must…ignore….it.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny. I’M NOT TOUCHING YOU.”
Johnny (silently): “This is unbearable.”

Johnny: “Good grief. I’m outta here.”

Love Wins

6 comments on “Johnny’s Trial

  1. shoreacres says:

    Thanks for the morning smile! If only I could be as wise as Johnny sometimes!


  2. You’ve captured these two so sweetly and perfectly: Johnny’s horns give him a note of the regal amid Pig’s impish smile. Ah, Tales from White Flint Farm. Love it.


    • Bill says:

      It was a funny episode that I was lucky to catch on camera. The pigs really like being with the goats for some reason (these are the only pigs I’ve ever had who are like that) but the goats don’t care for the company of the pigs. But things are improving some. A few mornings ago I walked out to their shed very early and they were all sleeping together in the straw. It was a funny sight but unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me.


  3. My first LOL of the day. Thanks!


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