Johnny’s Trial

Johnny (thinking): “Oh no, the swine approaches. I am a dignified and noble creature. I shall remain impassive among these lesser beings.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny, whatcha doing? Huh Johnny? Whatcha doing Johnny?”
Johnny (silently): “I shall ignore this beast until it leaves.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny, does this tickle? Huh, Johnny? Does it tickle?”
Johnny (silently): “I must remain calm–find my happy place.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny, whatcha looking at? Huh Johnny? Huh?”
Johnny (silently): “What have I done to deserve this? I must pretend the swine is not there. Must…ignore….it.”

Pig: “Hey Johnny. I’M NOT TOUCHING YOU.”
Johnny (silently): “This is unbearable.”

Johnny: “Good grief. I’m outta here.”

Love Wins