Sweet Potato Day

Wednesday was “sweet potato day” on the farm.  Over four months after we planted them, it was time to harvest them before the frosts arrive.

Getting up the sweet potatoes is an all-day affair.  First we pull off all the vines and carry them to the compost pile.  Then we plow them up using a middle-buster/potato plow.  It takes several passes to uncover them all.  We carry them out of the garden and lay them in the sun for a couple of hours (while moving on to the next garden).  Then we come back and gather them, carrying them to our basement to cure for a couple of weeks before we move them into a cooler darker place for long-term storage.  Thanks to a friend’s very timely offer of help, Cherie and I didn’t have to do it alone this year.

This year’s yield was surprisingly low.  I had expected another bumper crop like last years.  But even though that didn’t happen, we brought in hundreds of pounds of them, which we’ll be enjoying for a year.

I gave the small ones and the roots to the pigs and they feasted on them.

Those that we cut in the process must be eaten right away and as I type this I’m stuffed with a delicious sweet potato/eggplant dish that Cherie cooked at the end of our long day.

All in all, another fine fall day on the farm.

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