Another Day in the Life

Two days after finding Blondie with new born kids (in the breeding pasture), it happened again.  This time when I went to feed the pigs I discovered her sister Barbie with twin kids in nearly the same location.  Once again Johnny was misbehaving, but I was able to get them into the correct pasture, and ultimately the barn, with a lot less drama than I’d had with Blondie.

Here’s Barbie with her twins–Mary and a buckling.

Here’s Joey, standing guard over one of them.

And just as Blondie’s deliveries were followed by Sheena having a single buckling, hardly had I gotten Barbie and her kids into the barn before I noticed that Rhiannon was kidding.

Cherie (who is the skilled goat midwife here) had gone to town and a friend was visiting, having a tour of the farm.  It is rare that we need to interevene in goat deliveries, but after watching Rhiannon struggling for a while I began to get worried.  Then I looked carefully and realized that what I thought were the tips of the two front hooves starting to emerge, was actually one hoof and a nose.  Not good.  I was very worried that the kid needed to breathe in that situation and Rhiannon seemed unable to get him out.  I didn’t think I had time to go back to the barn for gloves so I pulled the kid with my bare hands.  Rhiannon seemed pleased to have the help.  Once I got one leg out a bit I was able to reach around the kid’s face and find the other hoof.  I then pulled it out so that it was emerging before the head and at that point he rushed right out–big, healthy and crying for attention.  I’m sure that was more than my friend had bargained for when she came to see the farm.  🙂

Here’s Rhiannon and kid moments after his birth and then a few hours later.

So we’ve had 19 kids in this cycle.  Loving it.

Love Wins

2 comments on “Another Day in the Life

  1. Bill, I can’t begin to tell you how happy this story makes me. Those sweet faces are just the world at its best. What a wonderful experience for your friend. A gift, really. The photos are happiness personified. well, maybe not personified, but you know…. 🙂 Love Wins. Indeed.


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