Miracle and her mother don’t recognize each other.  When kids are born the mother goat will repeatedly bleat for hours as the kid cries.  They imprint each others voices and this helps them identify each other later.  The mother also licks and bathes the kid, further imprinting on it.

Because of the way she was born I doubt Miracle was ever consciously aware of her mother.  And Suzy, her mother, wrote the kid off as dead and never tended her.  We had hoped she would attach to Suzy, and vice versa, but it didn’t happen.

So every day when the goats wander off they’re trailed by all the kids.  Except for Miracle.  She hangs out at the barn all day, because that’s where she’s used to getting fed.

When she sees one of us she begins hollering for attention.  She associates us with eating.  Maybe she even somehow sees us as mother figures.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed an interesting development.  Miracle has bonded with Joey, and she stays by his side all the time.  When the rest of the goats wander out into the pasture, Miracle follows Joey around.  And when he is sleeping, she lays down next to him, sometimes even climbing up onto him.

Joey doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

We’re glad she’s got someone to keep her company all day.

Love Wins