Shiitake Arrival

Our experiment in growing shiitakes is starting to bear fruit.  Fungus, more accurately.

Last winter I cut down a couple of small white oaks and sawed them into 3 to 4 foot logs.  I drilled holes into the logs and hammered in wood plugs innoculated with shiitake spawn that I purchased from Field and Forest Products.  Finally, I stacked the logs next to an old barn.  I was hopeful, but had my doubts.

So I was very pleased when I discovered this a few days ago.

These logs should continue producing mushrooms for years.

Now we’re looking at shiitake recipes and I’m already planning to add more logs this winter.

Love Wins

2 comments on “Shiitake Arrival

  1. Ann Wood says:

    Bill, so glad the shiitakes took to their new environment. we love mushrooms and have since our beef eating days. If yours flourish, would they be included in the CSA? They bruise easily – wondering how time consuming they are. I’ve read mushrooms are good for inflammation – therefore I purchase them – usually portobello – miniatures or full grown. Bill likes these for their meaty taste. Have not found much info on them but found shiitakes on several healthy eating sites – “Shiitake Can Fight Tumors – These flavorful, meaty mushrooms contain lentinan which is a natural anti-tumor compound. It has been developed by the Japanese into a beneficial anti-cancer treatment. In turn, it is an excellent source of vitamin D and fighting infection. Four to five ounces per day is recommended. So my inflamation would have help…I’m switching to shiitakes…!


  2. Bill says:

    Yes, I do plan to get some to the CSA members. I wish I’d put some in your share today. Maybe next week.
    I’m excited about incorporating these into our diets. From what I’ve read shiitakes grown in oak logs are a great (and expensive) delicacy in Japan. Evidently most of the commerically available shiitakes are grown in sawdust and are inferior in taste and quality.


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