Time to Get Ready

Winter is coming and our woodshed isn’t ready for it.

When we began our transition into the homesteading lifestyle, one of my objectives was to become energy independent.  I hoped that we would generate our own electricity and make our own diesel fuel.  Those things haven’t happened.

But at least with respect to heating our house, we have accomplished it.  We heat with wood, making use of the abundance of fallen trees and limbs in the woods on our place.

That means, of course, that I spend a lot of time cutting up wood.  It’s something I don’t mind doing, in reasonably sized bites.  But I don’t like to spend all day sawing up wood, so I try to stay ahead by cutting up some every week and keeping a big stockpile on hand.

Other farm work hasn’t left me much time for cutting wood this summer, however, so I’ve got plenty of work to do to make sure we stay warm this winter.

But it’ll get done.  And we’ll be toasty all winter, using a natural renewable resource, and without having to burn a drop of fossil fuel.

Love Wins