Silver Seed

One afternoon last week I went fishing.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  I had lots of other things to do, but thought I’d go for a little while and see if I could catch anything.

I had my ipod on, shuffling through tunes.  I always seem to play the music too loud.  I was enjoying it, but it was drowning out anything nature was trying to tell me.

So I didn’t hear the storm blowing in.

Casting and reeling, listening to the music, and daydreaming, I became aware that lots of leaves were floating down on me.  Looking around, I noticed the trees swaying and shedding leaves, under a gray sky that was just beginning to spit rain.

Looking up, I saw poplar leaves dancing in the wind.

Dolly Parton was singing After the Gold Rush.

It was a stunningly beautiful combination.

And right about then a fish took my bait.

Love Wins