Still sharing takeaways from our Making Peace With the Land experience.  Here’s something from the book:

When we garden well, we do not only grow food for our bodies and flowers for our tables; we share in and extend God’s feeding, healing and sustaining ways with the world.  With more honesty and practical discipline than our words can convey, we demonstrate an appreciation for the divine love that forever cherishes the earth.

God is the first, the best and the most essential Gardener.  God’s gardening work is the most fundamental and indispensable expression of the divine love that creates, sustains and reconciles the world.  This love is not abstract.  Nor is it vaguely spiritual.  It is a love that brings us down to our knees so that we can immerse our hands in the soil.  There is no more basic or humble or noble calling than participating in God’s love for the earth.

from Making Peace With the Land

Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba

Love Wins