How ‘Bout Them Bucs?

Every so often, in the midst of some deep discussion, either Cherie or I will throw out the question:  “So, how ’bout them Bucs?”  We do it to be able to laugh at ourselves.  We have no actual interest in the state of affairs of “the Bucs” (our old hometown sports team).  We just like to remind ourselves occasionally that we never seem to talk about trivial things.

We don’t have a TV and our nest is empty, so Cherie and I spend a lot of time talking to each other.  We read at night and often we’ll interrupt each other by reading aloud something we’ve just come across.  That typically begins a conversation, and the subject is nearly always about something like theology, history, philosophy or social justice issues.  (That says something about the kind of books we read).  Our conversations are never about the weather, sports, gossip, fashion, celebrities, television shows, or whatever else more normal folks discuss.

We are philomathic nerds and we know it.

We also know how fortunate we are to have found each other.  We would have driven more normal spouses nuts by now.

Love Wins