The Real Thing

I love all the great food our farm gives us, but if I was forced to give up everything from the farm except for one thing, I’d probably choose to keep our eggs.

Farm fresh eggs from free ranging hens are simply incomparable to the tasteless runny yellow eggs sold in supermarkets.  Those are the products of confined hens who are being fed the cheapest possible food and kept in horrible conditions.  The yolks are pale and runny.  They taste bland, at best.

Americans eat millions of these kind of eggs every day, rewarding the egg factories for their practices.  But I’ve never met anyone who prefers those eggs to the real thing.

First thing every morning I go out to our henhouse, open the gate to the chickenyard, then open the door to the house.  The chickens are usually waiting for me and they come pouring out, soon spreading across the farm eating a natural diet.  In the afternoon I go to the henhouse and collect the eggs. At dusk they all go back into the henhouse to roost.  All I have to do is shut the door and the gate and they’re safe from predators.

I love keeping chickens and would probably do it even if the eggs didn’t taste so much better than those produced in factories.  But given that the real thing is just so much better, it’s a no-brainer.

Love Wins