Wild Turkeys

When I was a kid growing up on this farm, I knew that there were wild turkeys on it.  Sometimes I’d find a feather.  And I heard folks talking about spotting one every now and then.  But I never saw one.

Nearly everything Thanksgiving I’d go off into the woods with my shotgun, hoping to bring home a turkey.  I never ever saw one.

I vaguely understood what a goobler sounded like.  But I never heard one.

Wild turkeys were simply rare around here.

Not anymore.

Now hardly a day passes that I don’t see a large flock of them wandering around the farm.  And during mating season I hear the gooblers every morning.  Yesterday Cherie and I watched about 20 of them chasing grasshoppers around the pasture, milling among the goats as if they belonged there.

Kids playing, with wild turkeys in the distance.

I don’t know why there are so many more turkeys, deer and other wild critters on the farm now than there were a few decades ago.  I supsect urban sprawl is a factor, crowding the wildlife onto the areas that aren’t yet “developed.”  But, whatever the reason, the animals that eluded me during my entire childhood are everyday sights here now.

Cherie trying to photograph wild turkeys

The wild turkeys around here aren’t nearly as shy as they used to be.  But they’re still too cautious of humans to let us get close enough to get good photos of them.  I’ve snapped plenty of pictures, but (lacking a zoom lens on my cell-phone camera) they aren’t good enough to show how pretty these birds are.

Turkeys in the driveway

Turkeys in the mist

In flight

So y’all will just have to take my word for it I reckon.

Love Wins