What is Available

Cherie is reading a book by a woman who moved to the country and, with her husband, started up a CSA.  She’s shared some of the book with me and it is both fascinating and hilariously funny.  Maybe someday I’ll find time to read it myself.

One comment from the book that book that she shared with me has stuck in my head the last couple of days.  The author says that one of the biggest obstacles to persuading people to get their food through the CSA model is getting them to accept that what they eat will be based not on what they want, but on what is available.

For example, as much as a person may want asparagus in September, it just doesn’t grow then.  A person who has committed his or her food budget to getting CSA farm shares will make meal choices based not on what they want, but rather on what is available.

As more and more of us return to seasonal and natural diets we’ll get used to the idea that it is unnatural to be able to eat anything we want anytime we want it.  Our diets will revolve around the foods that nature is providing us–a process that has fed us for thousands of years.

And I believe that, in time, that which we want and that which is available will become the same things.  That is to say, we will want what is available.

Love Wins