Like the okra, this year’s crop of eggplant is the best we’ve ever grown.  Surprisingly, our Japanese eggplant was the first summer vegetable to come in, and the Italian eggplant came in much earlier than usual as well.

We don’t usually expect eggplant until late in the summer, but we’ve already had a good harvest.  And now it’s really starting to arrive and the plants are still blooming.

The only thing that bothers eggplant much are the flea beetles.  They do a lot of damage to the leaves of the young plants, but once the plants begin to grow they quickly outgrow anything the flea beetles can do.

We’ve been enjoying lots of eggplant already this year.  Cherie makes an excellent eggplant casserole and we also enjoy it in ratatouille.  Jude made a great eggplant dip which we had with pita bread.  Of course that just scratches the surface of things that can be done with it.

On a diversified farm like ours we don’t fret too much over a failure.  This year our cucumbers failed, for reasons I still don’t understand.  If we had a cucumber farm, we’d be in deep trouble right now.  But because we grow so many things, we can just shrug off the lost cucumbers and enjoy our bumper crops of other things, like the eggplant.

We like it that way.

Love Wins

One comment on “Eggplant

  1. shoreacres says:

    Diversification – the key to successful investing everywhere, from the stock market to a farm! The Japanese eggplant are available at the farm here now. I should do something with them besides slathering them with tomato and cheese.


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