They love cataloupes

Our pigs eat really well this time of year.  Well, actually they eat really well all times of year.  But they especially seem to love the watermelons and cantaloupes I bring them.

Every morning and evening I take them some pig feed, along with our table scraps from the night before.  Most mornings this time of year that means that, at a minimum, they get some watermelon rinds in the morning.  But I also try to take them something from the gardens around midday.  That’s often a bucket of tomatoes that are going soft, a split watermelon or two, or what seems to be their favorite–some cantaloupes.

It’s a joy to see them come running from across the pasture when I call them.  They squeal with anticipation as they run.  As I watch them I’m usually reminded of the millions of pigs being raised in cages in American pork factories, who will never know what it’s like to run.  Or to taste a cantaloupe.

Love Wins