Stress I Can Handle

Lately some of our hens have been hiding their nests.  Instead of laying in the nesting boxes, they’re making nests in unlikely places, making it difficult for us to find them.

A few days ago I sat down on my tractor seat and four eggs rolled out from beneath it, cracking all four of course.  Why they would choose to lay eggs underneath my tractor seat is a mystery to me.

All the recent egg-hiding has made it difficult for us sometimes to meet our members’ requests for extra eggs.  I was explaining the problem to one of our members, an eye surgeon, and he responded that it must be difficult to deal with all the problems that come with raising chickens.  I had to laugh as I reflected on what he said.  Yes chickens (and farm animals generally) can be exasperating creatures.  But, as a told him, having once been in a high-stress profession like his, I could say without reservation that any stress caused by our free-ranging chickens doesn’t compare to the stress that comes with those jobs.  I can handle it just fine.

Now if only I could figure out where those darn hens are hiding their nests.

Love Wins