A Good Place to Be a Person

Having established, I hope, that this is a good place to be a chicken or a pig, I wonder if I should add that this seems to me to be an exceptionally good place to be a person.

I am surrounded by so much beauty here that it sometimes almost numbs me.  Nothing I could write on this blog–no photo I could share–could even begin to do it justice.  But I’ll keep sharing little glimpses of it in the hope that they may bring a little happiness to whoever sees them.

On the farm I feel grounded in things both ancient and newborn.  I feel embedded in things vast and profound, and things disarmingly simple and small.  As I try to let myself become part of the rhythms of the seasons I become aware that this farm is not a mere commodity, or even just a place.  It is an organism and I am part of it. 

But this farm, like any bit of creation properly appreciated and tended, has gifts awaiting those who would claim them.  It offers up life-sustaining food.  That food enriches our bodies and lives, just as growing it enriches our appreciation of nature and God.  Accepting the gifts of this good earth, and sharing them with others, honors the gift and the giver.  Here it is impossible not to feel that I am in some humble way partnering with the Creator in the ongoing process of creation.

I do not mean for anything I write on this blog to appear immodest.  I am a passive recipient of most of the blessings here.  But neither should I be insincere–this is indeed a good place to be a person.

On her wonderful blog, Teresa Evangeline recently shared this beautiful quote from Thornton Wilder:  “Man is not an end, but a beginning. We are at the beginning of the second week. We are children of the eighth day.”

I believe that with all my heart.  Creation is not a static thing, which happened once and is done.  Creation is ongoing and we are all privileged to be a part of it.

There are countless good places to be on the eighth day.  I am glad to be on this one.

Love Wins