Learning from the Students

Having interns on the farm is a new thing for us.  We’re weren’t quite sure what to expect or whether we’d find the experience helpful and useful or not.

But so far we’ve been very pleased.  Our first three, Ariana, Babs and Charles were enthusiastic, delightful young people.  And Jude, who has just joined us, has turned out to be a joy as well.

Jude is a senior at George Mason, majoring in Global Affairs.  She met our daughter Peyton (that’s them in the photo) while they were both studying abroad in Belize earlier this year.  Jude, like our other interns (and like us) has a passion for social justice and sustainability.  She wants to learn more about our way of farming and hopes to take away knowledge and skills she can use to live more sustainably.

We had hoped we might be able to teach some things to our interns.  What we had not expected is that we’d learn so much from them.

Ariana’s father is Puerto Rican and she has a Spanish (Madridleno) grandmother.  She loves to cook and treated us to delicious Puerto Rican and Spanish meals.   Babs shared stories of her mother’s Filipino culture.  Charles also loves to cook and contributed some great dishes as well as giving some helpful suggestions for our harvesting and sharing his experience working on service projects on a Lakota Sioux reservation.  We learned much from all three of them.

Jude is from Saudi Arabia and we’ve really enjoyed learning about Saudi Arabian food and culture.  We’ve greatly enjoyed the Middle Eastern meals she’s prepared for us, almost certainly be the first such meals ever eaten in Slatesville.

On balance I think it’s fair to say we’re learning as much from the interns as they’re learning from us.

For us, that is an unexpected treat.

Love Wins