Making it Happen

Cherie’s dream of a cookbook for God’s Storehouse, our local food bank, has become a reality. 

Her passion for caring for the poor intersects with her passion for promoting health and wellness.  The poor health of poor people–primarily due to poor food choices–is something she feels called to help address.

One day, while thinking about how to overcome the myth that those in poverty can’t afford healthy food, Cherie had what she calls a “God thing”–she was inspired to put together a cookbook of healthy recipes with ingredients that can be purchased on a food stamp budget, which could be given away to folks who come to get food at the food bank.

Cherie approached the executive director of God’s Storehouse and asked her if they’d ever considered doing a cookbook.  The executive director responded that it had been mentioned before, but nothing had ever been done.  Then she told Cherie, “Why don’t you take that idea and run with it.”

After getting the green light Cherie put together a grant application and eventually, after lots of work and stress, the cookbook became a reality.  The grant also provides funds for nutritional education and additional equipment for the demonstration kitchen at the facility.

Of course if the executive director had been a control freak, or someone whose ego wouldn’t permit projects to run independently of her, then the cookbook would never have happened.  An idea and all the good that will flow from it, would have been extinguished by human flaws and the project would never have come to fruition.  That happens all the time, unfortunately, and valuable Kingdom resources are left unused.  But fortunately it didn’t happen this time.

So yay for the God’s Storehouse cookbook!   May it yield great blessings.

Love Wins