We seek to be a sustainable farm.  So what exactly does that mean?

To us it means, among other things, conservation of non-renewable resources.  We try to minimize our use of fossil fuels, we recycle and, most importantly for a farm, we use agricultural practices intended to assure that we will leave the land to the next generation, at least as fertile and productive as it was when we took it over.

Because there is a finite supply of fossil fuels, intensive use of them is not sustainable.  Wood, on the other hand, is a renewal resource as long as trees exist.  So we heat our home with wood.

Because it has the effect of depleting the soil, chemical agriculture is not sustainable.  Natural organic practices, on the other hand, enrich and preserve the soil indefinitely.  So we farm chemical-free.

Overconsumption of natural resources in not sustainable.  Unless humanity moderates its consumption, we are faced with a future of scarcity and conflict.  Moderation and thrift, on the other hand, assures humanity’s continued health and prosperity.  So we strive to limit our consumption to our actual needs. 

Global economies predicated upon transportation of fuel, commodities and food for thousands of miles are not sustainable.  They are dependent upon cheap abundant fossil fuel and cheap foreign labor.  But because the amount of fossil fuel which can be extracted from the earth, particularly extracted cheaply, is limited, the transportation system is unsustainable.  It is also fragile, vulnerable to disruption due to war or natural disaster, leaving those dependent upon it (like nearly all Americans) vulnerable to scarcity at best and starvation at worse.  Likewise dependency upon cheap foreign labor is unsustainable because eventually as our society continues to exchange our wealth for their goods, eventually they will be the wealthy side of the equation and we will, if we are lucky, become the cheap labor source for them.  So we advocate and participate in local economies.

These are are few of the ways we try to be sustainable.  We certainly aren’t perfect at it, but we will continue to try to get better, with our vision on the world we will leave the next generation, rather than merely what we can take for ourselves today.

May it always be so.

Love Wins