Caretakers of Creation

Continuing my thoughts on what we are, and why…

We are stewards of this farm and caretakers of our little slice of creation.

We are confident that God created everything and that he loves everything he created.  As human beings it is our responsibility to nurture and care for creation.  Our farming practices, like our household practices, are rooted in these beliefs and our efforts to discharge our responsibilities as stewards and caretakers of God’s creation.  We don’t use poisons on the land, we treat our animals humanely and with dignity,  we recycle and use renewable resources whenever possible.  We believe when we honor creation we honor our creator.

As I have said before on this blog, I don’t think it is possible to work closely with the soil without becoming closer to God.  I don’t think it’s possible to be a farmer and an atheist.  To be a farmer, or at least one who tries to farm in tune with the harmonies of nature, is in a sense to become an agent of God in the care of his creation.  That is an awesome responsibility that we take very seriously.

I could rattle off a long list of bible verses supporting the idea that humans should tend properly to God’s creation, but they really aren’t necessary.  Anyone who tends the land and husbands farm animals, even if they had never heard of or seen a Bible or any other sacred text would come to the same conclusion:  everything that exists is the work of a loving creator and we honor the creator when we honor and care for creation. 

Our ethic–creation care–is reflected, we hope, in how we tend our animals and our fields.  It is inseparable from what everything else we do. 

May it always be so.

Love Wins