A Good Place to Be a Chicken

This farm is a good place to be a chicken.  We make sure that they get healthy natural diets and live as naturally as they can.  We do not raise mutant chickens engineered to produce large breasts quickly, but unable to reproduce or live beyond a few months.  We raise natural dual-purpose breeds.  We raise them for their eggs and only slaughter the extra roosters who inevitably show up when our hens hatch eggs naturally.

Our chickens range freely around the farm, returning to roost in a secure henhouse at night.

They always have chicken feed available, but this time of year they prefer grass, bugs and the leftovers from the garden, like watermelon, cantaloupes and tomatoes.

They reward us with delicious eggs, incomparably better than the runny yellow eggs produced in the egg factories.

Sadly, this is how their cousins live.  Chickens are by far the most tortured and abused animals in America.

I am convinced that any American with an ounce of compassion who spent five minutes inside one of these chicken torture facilities would never eat a piece of fast food chicken again in their lives. 

There is no good reason to support these horrific practices.  It’s easy to raise a few chickens of your own.  Try it and I’m sure you’ll never regret it.  But if that’s not possible for you, get your eggs and chicken from local farmers who raise they chickens naturally and humanely.  I’m sure you won’t regret that either.

Love Wins