A Good Place to be a Pig

This is a good place to be a pig.

Our pigs like to wallow in the mud.

They enjoy tomatoes from the garden.

They like watermelons too.

They like to show off their mud mustaches.

They roam freely in a large pasture, where they can play, eat clover, root around, and annoy their goat neighbors.

They’ve figured out how to drink out of the ball waterer.

Sadly, this is not the norm.  Their cousins live in pig hell.

If you choose to eat pork, please take the time to find out what kind of life the pigs you eat led.  And please think about what you endorse with your choice.

Love Wins

One comment on “A Good Place to be a Pig

  1. carrie says:

    The last picture is so sad!! I think you should print the picture of Zsa Zsa (or Ava) eating the tomato in a huge print, frame it and hang it in your house. That pig looks so happy!


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