The Only Possible Solution

For though we may be the Earth’s gardeners, we are also its weeds.  And we won’t get anywhere until we come to terms with this crucial ambiguity about our role – that we are at once the problem and the only possible solution to the problem. 
Michael Pollan

Our interns are now gone.  They were with us two weeks and we loved having them.  I think they learned a lot, and we learned much from them.  Aside from the practical good sense they brought to the farm, we loved that they share our passion for sustainable farming.  We were impressed, encouraged and inspired by them.

In addition to helping on the farm, they cooked a couple of great meals for us, joined us at our Grace and Main suppers, and went with us as we shared the goodness of the farm with those in need in the downtown slums of Danville.

On their last night here they gave us a beautiful card and a thoughtful gift as a reminder of their time here.  Inside the card was the Michael Pollan quote above.  We are optimistic about the young generation and therefore about the world.   May a generation arise, aware that we are indeed both the world’s gardeners and its weeds.  We are indeed the only possible solution to the problem.

Love Wins