We’ve been blessed with a bumper crop of tomatoes so far this year.  Of course we’re always at the mercy of nature and with drought and blight to deal with, it’s possible that our abundance will be short-lived.

But for now, we are feasting on delicious chemical free heirloom tomatoes.

So are our CSA members and so are our pigs and chickens.

And we are especially blessed by the ability to give away lots of tomatoes to our very poor and needy friends in downtown Danville.  After our CSA drop off on the past two Mondays our interns and I delivered tomatoes to many of our neediest friends.  Even after that, two Mondays ago we had so many left over that we were able to take the large box pictured above to God’s Storehouse, the local food bank.  Last Monday, after delivering lots of them to our extremely poor friends, we left the rest with one of our formerly homeless friends, who handed out the rest to folks in his downtown neighborhood.   And best of all, each of the past two Thursdays we gave away bags of tomatoes to folks who came for our Grace and Main supper downtown.  We picked 196 pounds of tomatoes Thursday morning, used about 30 pounds for our CSA, and gave the rest away.  We were also fortunate enough to have lots of cantaloupes to give away after supper and they were a big hit, especially with the kids.

It was great to be bring so much happiness, and so much delicious healthy goodness, to so many folks.

May it always be so.

Love Wins

One comment on “Tomatoes

  1. Ann says:

    Now that’s good news…what a blessing!


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