Just Doing It

I recently met a man who pastors a small church out here in the country.  They have 20-30 folks who regularly attend, and most are elderly.  There’s nothing exceptional about that.  That describes a fairly typical rural church these days.

But there is something exceptional about this congregation.  A few years ago they felt a call to help the hungry and correctly recognized that they are blessed with a God-given resource that they should be using.   So they plant an acre of potatoes every year, on the land of whoever in the church can spare an acre that year.  The folks in the church get together a few days each year to plant and harvest the potatoes.  When the potatoes are ready, the folks in the congregation get together and get them up.  As a result, every year they donate thousands of pounds of potatoes to God’s Storehouse, our local foodbank.

What a pity this doesn’t happen more.  God and nature offer us the opportunity to feed our hungry neighbors and almost all of us decline it. 

We are blessed with some of the best land in the world for growing food.  Yet the vast majority of it is never used.  That is a real shame.

But for those folks who take a little time out of their lives to grow potatoes for the poor, I’m sure they have “Well done my good and faithful servants” in store for themselves someday.

Love Wins