Meet Our Interns

We’re pleased to welcome our farm interns–Babs, Ariana and Charles.  With the experiential credit she will receive from our internship, Babs will graduate from George Mason University’s New Century College with a degree in Conservation Studies.  She works for the George Mason Office of Sustainability and both she and Charles serve as student members of the Board of the Patriot Green Fund.  Read more about Babs HERE.  Charles is a senior at George Mason Univerity’s New Century College majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  He serves as a resident sustainability advisor there and has a heart for service.  Read more about Charles HERE.  Ariana recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and, like Babs and Charles, has a passion for learning about farming and sustainable living.  Ariana loves good food and has a natural gift for working with animals.

While interning, they’re living in our farmhouse, built by my great great grandparents in the 1880s.  We’re excited to have them with us and hopeful that the internship will benefit them in the future and maybe be part of spreading the vitally important message of sustainable farming.

They’ve been a great help to us already, while learning basic farming skills.

They have also joined us in delivering hundreds of pounds of our delicious health-sustaining all-natural food to the poor and needy in Danville.

We’re going to miss them when they’re gone.

Love Wins