On my way to feed the pigs early yesterday morning I saw a mother turkey with keets.  She ran away from me, startling a fawn as she did.  How sweet, I thought.

Sometimes I see a fat mama groundhog scurrying along with her fat baby following behind her.  How sweet.

I often come up on rabbits and they often just sit and stare at me, rather than run away.  How sweet.

But  a couple of days ago I discovered that groundhogs (likely that same cute pair) have eaten every cucumber in my garden.  And all week I’ve been trying to save my cantaloupes and watermelons from deer, who eat the vines and trample the melons.  One evening there were 14 of them in the watermelon patch.  Crows have ruined my sweet corn crop twice this year. 

Not sweet at all.

The reality is that rabbits don’t wear vests and live in Victorian cottages.  And fawns and groundhog pups grow into deer and groundhogs that would rather eat our gardens than anything else growing naturally on the farm. 

But I admit to smiling when I see wildlife on the farm.  I just wish they’d leave my gardens alone.

Love Wins

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