Over a couple of days last week I got all our onions harvested. Very early in the Spring we had a freak storm that washed away a lot of top soil in the onion garden from which I expected the most.  So from that garden we got lots of undersized onions.  They’re very good, and one year nearly all our onions turned out like that.   But it gets exasperating after a while hanging onions that aren’t much bigger than the sets you planted.

The second onion garden, which was experimental and from which I didn’t expect much, produced great onions with large bulbs.  Go figure.

Our process for curing onions is the same one we use for garlic.  First I take down all the garlic (hopefully now cured) and move it to the basement.  Then I tie the onions to the cattle panel and, when done, circulate air over them with box fans until they’re fully dried.  Then I cut off the roots and the stalk and put them in the basement where they should last all year.

It’s possible to grow lots of onions on little space.  And they’re pest free, so weeding is the only maintenance required.  I plant them close together and that helps suppress weeds.  For some I start out a couple of inches apart, then once they’re coming in I draw out every other plant for green onions, leaving what’s left at 4 inch spacing.

For next year I’m going to try to find a large screen (maybe some old screen doors) that I can dry onions on, to reduce the time spent tying them.

Next Spring we’ll start the process all over again.  In the meantime, we’ll enjoy lots of homegrown onions.

Love Wins