Poplar Wisdom

This time of year it seems impossible to keep up with all the work on the farm.  Growth seems to be in hyperdrive.  The gardens need picking every day.  The pastures need clipping.  The grass needs cutting.  The weeds are growing like mad.

Sometimes I just wish everything would stop growing for a day or two, to let me catch up.

But then there are the tulip poplars.  In the middle of summer, when everything else seems to be exploding with life, their leaves start changing.

Every year they are a reminder:  this will not last.   As surely as Fall follows Summer, all this flood of life is a prelude to a season of rest and decay.  All that is green will eventually be brown, or red, or yellow.  Everything in the gardens, vegetables and weeds alike, will eventually wither and die–and the soil will rest, while beneath it lie seeds that will renew the cycle in the Spring.

The poplars remind me that another season is coming.   They tell me, “Work now, my friend.  For this season shall pass.”  They remind me that the day is soon coming when I can rest, and when I will miss the dog days of Summer.

Love Wins